Danielle (missyouxtodeath) wrote in fallout_rainbow,

Author: Danielle/ Missyouxtodeath
Title: Words
Pairing: Patrick Stump/ Peter Wentz from fall out boy
Summary: The thing I never understood about him was why he would never tell me what he really meant. I was always short and to the point with my words. He was always the one who would skirt around the issue, saying one thing and meaning another, expecting me to understand him completely.
Notes: Yeah, yeah it’s not Reminds me of Home. I’m working on the next chapter for that, I swear. Standalone inspired by listening to Placebo continuously. It’s not an insane story that took place 100 years ago, not about death or any other topic I tend to write up. It’s just a five page normal standalone fanfiction.
Rating: PG-13 maybe?
Thank Yous: anyone that reads my stories and actually likes them. and my awesome beta, Mandie.

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